Swimming and especially water safety activities are important life skills for any kiwi kid. We are surrounded by water in this country and are lucky to have access to aquatic facilities in all major towns and cities, so our children will be exposed to water from a young age. Because of this it is vitally important to provide our kids with aquatic education and awareness. Swimming also aids in the social, physical and intellectual development of our little ones.

At the time of booking lessons or activities with Swimsation you will be emailed an invoice.

This invoice can be paid online via internet banking with the following details:
Account Number: 010102-0893903-02
Reference: Invoice Number

Please note all lessons must be paid in advance, unless a payment arrangement has been sorted with our admin team.

The ratios for each of our classes is based around safely delivering our lesson content. As a general rule you can expect the following ratio per instructor: please note this may vary dependent on the size of the pool (but will never exceed these numbers):

Baby classes: up to 10 students

Pre-School classes: up to 4 students

School age classes: up to 6 students (depending on ability)

Squad classes: up to 10 students (depending on ability and lane space)

Adult classes: up to 10 swimmers (depending on ability and lane space

Private lessons: 1 to 2 swimmers depending on your preference

School groups: up to 10 swimmers (depending on programme school books)

Please note this may vary dependent on the size of the pool (but will never exceed these numbers):

Every child progresses at a different rate and factors such as having limited exposure to water, a fear of water, nervousness or shyness should be taken into account. Like any new skill, swimming needs to be practiced constantly for improvement to take place.

Our instructors will provide your child with constant feedback and correction as well as activities to practice at home to help this progression. Our program and lesson plans are structured to allow step by step progressions for our swimmers.

Year round swimming is encouraged as skills can be lost when taking terms off, and our intensive holiday lessons are a great tool to boost your child’s swimming progression with daily lessons.

Swimsation does not offer refunds for missed lessons.

We do however offer make up lessons for classes where we have been notified you will miss the class. 

Please note make up lessons are only offered in the term that the lesson was missed and in time slots where we have spaces available.

These can be booked at our reception desk or with our admin team using phone or email.

Swimsation lessons run for 30 minutes, with the execption of our squad classes that are 45 to 60 minutes

Please note that lessons will start at the time specified, so please ensure all students are changed and ready to go on time

Yes. Swimsation requires that parents/guardians of students is to remain in the facility for the duration of their child’s lesson. This is not only because it is safe practice to be watching your child while they are in or around water, but it also allows for quick and efficient changeovers between classes.

All Swimsation sites are closed on Public holidays. If your lesson falls on a public holiday you will not be charged for this lesson in your term fees.


Please note if a public holiday falls on a Monday we will be open the weekend of the public holiday (i.e Auckland Anniversary Weekend – we are open the Saturday, but will be closed the Monday.

At Swimsation our lessons run with the school term.

You will book a day and time based on your child’s age and skill level (free assessments available) and come that day and time for the duration of the school term.

There are four terms a year and while we recommend you swim all year round for learning and retaining key swimming and water safety skills you can opt out of a term at any stage.

We will automatically reserve you a spot for the following term, but you can change your day/time with our admin team if it no longer suit or cancel your reserved booking if you are not planning on continuing for the following term.