Covid 19 Update

Dear Valued Customers,

We are excited to announce our lessons will recommence from Thursday 14th May.

The safety of you and your family, other customers and our staff is paramount at Swimsation.

We are committed to ensuring that we can provide a safe environment at all of our facilities. We will be strictly following all New Zealand Government set guidelines and taking all necessary precautions in order to ensure our commitment to you is met.

Like schools and ECE centres, we will do our very best to mitigate the risks involved in attending swimming lessons however, we will NOT be able to ensure 1m social distancing while children are in the water. We are allowed to operate with this in mind due to our ability to effectively track and trace and due to the controlled nature of our business.

We have adapted our lesson structure and operation so that we can open safely under the requirements of Alert Level 2.  For the most part this relies on social responsibility, we can put everything in place however it is up to our users to ensure these procedures are followed where practicable.

Key Points

  1. Chlorine is a disinfectant against Covid-19 virus
  2. Anyone, staff included, who appears to be visibly sick will not be able to enter the facility.
  3. There will be no make-up lessons in Level 2. You will be able to book make up for missed lessons in Level 1 which we are expecting to be later in Term 2 or early Term 3. Please note you will still be required to notify us of sickness with at least 4 hours notice.
  4. If there is a change to the person brining your swimmer to the pool, please contact our admin team (09) 948 2414. They will notify our team to let them know to expect someone different accompanying your swimmer to the pool.


Hygiene Practises

  1. We have increased the frequency of our daily cleaning and disinfection schedule of all common surfaces that are touched i.e. taps, toilets etc to every hour.
  2. We will be asking all customers and staff to sanitise their hands upon entry to the facility. Sanitiser will be set up for you to this at the entry.
  3. All staff have been re-inducted upon returning to work around Health & Safety procedures as well as given guidance around personal hygiene as recommended by Ministry of Health.
  4. Showers will not be able to be accessed under Level 2
  5. Disabled and parent changing rooms will be used as toilets only, while the Male and Female changing will be for changing only.

Updated our policy around screening sickness for staff and customers

  1. We will continue to advise customers and staff that if they are sick that they are to stay home, this will be included in our customer emails and also signage displayed at sites.
  2. We will have a staff member at our front door dedicated to screening anyone coming into the facility.
  3. Anyone who appears to be visibly sick will not be able to enter the facility. If this applies to someone the will be able to book a make-up post-Level 2.
  4. There will be no make-up lessons in Level 2. You will be able to book make up for missed lessons in Level 1 which we are expecting to be later in Term 2 or early Term 3.

Lowered class ratio’s & management

  1. To effectively manage lessons, we will be temporarily limiting our class ratio’s to a maximum of 4 students per class for pre-school/school-age classes and 6 students per lane for squads and adults.
  2. Our staff have undergone training prior to lessons commencing on how to manage safe distancing in lessons. This will include the use of multiple tables in our pre-school & school age classes.
  3. We have moved our instructors around to ensure they are starting at different ends/sides of the pool to assist with safe distancing.
  4. Swimmers will wait seated with parents until instructors call their name. This will allow students from previous lesson to exit the poolside.
  5. We will be temporarily limiting the equipment used in lessons to ensure time to sanitise small toys such as floaties & sinkies. Noodles and kickboards will be used and the chlorine in our pool water acts as a disinfectant.

Physical distancing measures

  1. We are asking customers to observe physical distancing at the facility by ensuring you are seated one seat apart from other customers. Sites with chairs available will be spaced out accordingly, please leave them where they are.
  2. We also ask that customers observe physical distancing in changing rooms by ensuring you are at least 1 meter from other customers this will be marked out for you. If there is no space marks available please leave the changing room and wait until someone exits the changing room. Showers will remained closed until Level 1.
  3. Swimmers are asked to arrive in their swimming togs, to ensure plenty of room in changing rooms after lessons.
  4. Our entry and complexes will have markings on the floor to indicate which direction to head to help ensure flow through the facility while maintaining safe physical distancing.

Reducing gathering’s of people

  1. We are confident that our facilities will have no more than 100 people attending the facility at one time.
  2. To assist with minimising the number of people onsite we are asking that only one adult/caregiver per family group attends swimming lessons with their child/ren. We understand this is maybe difficult for some families, so if you need additional assistance please reach out to our team as we are assessing this on a case by case situation.

Contact tracing

  1. We ask that families update their contact details with the parent/guardian who will be attending lessons with swimmers. If there are changes through-out this period please ensure you contact us to update these as soon as possible.

No over the counter payments

  1. There will be no eftpos/cash payments onsite. We will be invoicing for swim school fees and shop purchases to be paid using Internet Banking.
  2. We will have a staff member at the front door & poolside for assistance, but to minimise contact we are asking that all class changes and/or payment enquiries are done through via our admin team (09) 948 2414


  1. We have increased our signage at our facilities. This includes notices about staying home if you are sick, appropriate hygiene practises, physical distancing etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact our admin team if you have any questions, otherwise we are excited to see you at your first lesson.

Our team will be sending an updated invoice and information on your instructor via email this week once we have finalised credits and class changes.